Alvaro Lozano, President

  For more than 15 years, Alvaro Lozano has been the driving force at Interstate Beverage Corporation. As the founder he has overseen the success and the growth of Interstate Beverage and has created a solid foundation for further expansion.

In addition to his role in the company, Alvaro is very involved in the business and non-profit communities. He is the President of the Club Kiwanis of Colombia.

Kurt Diener, General Manager. 

   Kurt serves as the company's General Manager. His career has revolved around sales, marketing and product development for Fortune 500 consumer goods companies. Since joining Interstate Beverage, Kurt has been very involved in both the day-to-day operations and the management of the business.

Mr. Diener is a graduate of Florida International University and received an MBA from the American Graduate School of International Business - Thunderbird in Phoenix, AZ.

Beatriz Lozano, Treasurer.

   Betty has been an integral player in the success and growth of Interstate Beverage for more than 15 years. Her vast experience in the beverage distribution industry has been a key component to the company's consistent and steady growth. She has been very involved in the company's expansion strategy and has managed the operation of the office during Interstate's growth.